Religious Education Vision Statement

Religious Education at St. Denys is taught in addition to the National Curriculum in line with recommendations laid down by the Department of Education, Local Authority and Leicester DBE.

Through Religious Education pupils gain knowledge, understanding and skills needed to answer questions raised by religion and belief – it provides a safe opportunity for pupils to explore what people believe and the difference this makes to how they live, supporting pupils to consider and develop their own personal beliefs. Pupils learn to consider, interpret and evaluate knowledge from different sources, they learn to articulate their personal beliefs, listen to others ideas and agree and disagree respectfully. By reflecting on their personal feelings, responses and relationships Religious Education also allows pupils to develop spiritually, morally, culturally and socially.

 Pupils are taught systematic knowledge and understanding of a range of religious and non – religious beliefs which are discovered and explored in local, national and global contexts. Pupils learn how belief can be expressed in a variety of ways including art, dance, music, ritual celebration and in different cultural settings.  

Religious Education at St. Denys plays an important role in underpinning the values and vision of the school, developing pupils understanding of the world and their sense of self.

Time Allocation

The time allocated for R.E is:

Foundation Stage:

RE will be integrated into programmes in line with the EYFS profile, themes will be explored weekly through enhanced continuous provision.

Key Stage 1:

36 hours per year
Year 1 – 1hr per week
Year 2 – 40 mins per week 
(20 mins recap of RE themes)