Collective Worship

“Each one of us is different, each one of us is special”

St. Denys motto is “Each one of us is different, each one of us is special.”   We aim for our Collective Worship to reflect the distinctive nature of our Church of England Controlled Status and the Christian principles on which the school was established.  Developing children as thoughtful individuals, teaching them to be respectful of everyone, to value difference and celebrate the achievements of each other. 

Collective Worship

Theme – Friendship, being friends

A Christian perspective on Friendship:
Christians believe they can call God their friend because of the relationship made possible through Jesus.


  • To encourage children to consider what makes a good friend
  • To understand how to support somebody who may not feel included in friendship groups
  • To help the children find ways of repairing restoring friendships when they break down
  • To ensure that the children know who they can turn to for help, if they are struggling with friendship.

Collective Worship

Theme- Forgiveness and saying sorry

A Christian perspective on Forgiveness:
Forgiveness is how damaged relationships are mended.  It is an act motivated by love.  For Christians, Jesus’ death on the cross is the ultimate revelation of God’s all forgiving love, his sacrifice is inspiration to forgive others, no matter what cost.


  • Help children understand that we all make mistakes and need forgiveness from others
  • For children to know how they can make amends for their mistakes
  • For Children to understand that Christians believe that God’s love is so great that forgiveness is always possible
  • To explore the Easter story and the symbol of the cross as a symbol of forgiveness

Collective Worship

Theme – Generosity and Kindness/Christmas

A Christian perspective on Generosity

God’s generosity is best described as ‘Grace’, love freely given without limit or conditions.  This generosity, once experienced and acknowledged by an individual can in turn release a generous spirit towards others.


  • To understand the term ‘Generosity’ as giving without seeking any reward
  • For children to understand ways in which they can act generously
  • For children to acknowledge they can act with generosity in both their words and their actions
  • To appreciate how others, act generously toward them

Aims: Christmas:

  • To explore the story of Christmas from the point of view of: Mary & Joseph/Wise Men & Shepherds
  • To celebrate the Christmas story through performance

Collective Worship

Theme – Courage & Being Brave

A Christian perspective on Courage

The Christian belief that God is present in every situation has led to great acts of courage – facing danger, overcoming fear, making a stand for what is right and encouraging others to persevere. Through prayer people have found the strength to be courageous.


  • To understand the term courage
  • For children to know who can help them to be brave and show courage, reflecting on friends, family, God and acts by people of faith
  • For children to express ways in which they have been brave
  • To identify acts of bravery in others local/national/international – reflecting upon Christian acts of bravery
  • For children to actively help other share their fears and worries
  • To understand how to show courage when dealing with bullies ( To be reflected upon again in November during anti bullying week)

Collective Worship

Theme – Truthfulness & Honesty

A Christian perspective on truthfulness
Christians believe that truth is revealed in the Bible and in the life of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus’ teaching we are given an insight into the nature of God and the way in which He means us to live.


· To encourage all members of the school to be truthful to each other

· To understand that you should be true to yourself ( stand up for what you believe)

· To understand the importance of being truthful and honest

Collective Worship

Theme – Thankfulness

Christian perspective on Thankfulness
Christians believe that God loves and cares for them in many different ways in all aspects of their life. They know that their response to this provision should be one of thankfulness and praise.


· To understand the importance of being appreciative and thankful

· To understand the different ways, we can show thanks to others

· To think about all the things, we can be thankful for

Collective Worship

Theme – Justice & Being Fair

A Christian perspective on Justice­
Justice in the Bible is seen in the context of love. It includes the call to take responsibility for each other, especially the poor and oppressed. It is based on the premise that no-one should be excluded from the essentials of life.


  • to understand the concepts of justice and being fair
  • for children to be aware of global issues of justice
  • for children understand the work of charity and be aware of the charities that the school supports
  • to understand how the school ensures that it is fair and just – rules/procedures/inclusivity
  • for children to understand that it is fair to allow people to make amend for their mistakes
  • to be aware of how we all can help others, taking responsibility for our school community as well as our wider world


Collective Worship

Theme – Compassion & Caring

A Christian perspective on compassion

Christians believe that their attitudes and actions must reflect the kindness, mercy and compassion of Jesus and the love of God for everyone.


· For children to know ways in which they can show a caring attitude and show compassion to others

· For children to recognise when others are showing care

· To be thankful for those who care for us

· To explore how we can care for the world

Collective Worship

Theme – Peace/Christmas

A Christian perspective on peace

Jesus said “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9)
Peace-making actions can range from helping to resolve conflict to creating space for stillness.

Aims: Peace

To explore conflict and peace in our world

To look at people who have worked for peace in the world

To provide children with ideas and skills to become peacemakers

To encourage children to solve their differences in constructive ways

To allow children to explore the reflective feeling of peace and stillness

Aims: Christmas

To explore the story of Christmas from the point of view of: Mary & Joseph/Wise Men & Shepherds

To celebrate the Christmas story through performance

Collective Worship 

Theme – Trust and belief

A Christian perspective on trust and belief

Trust is the basis of all stable relationships, including a person’s relationship with God. God’s commitment to humanity is seen in his willingness to trust ordinary people with carrying out his purposes in the world.


· Children to explore what it means to trust and be trusted – understand the importance of trust and explore how we can show trust in others

· Explore what happens when trust is broken

· Explore who in our lives we trust – family, community, world, God

· Explore God’s trust for us to look after the world

· Explore Bible stories where people have shown trust in God